This isn't a "blog". Instead, I'm using the blogger platform to collect information, because it's easier than managing a new website myself.

I created this site 2013-February before my Shmoocon talk, in order to point to something "for more information". I'd put off creating a site because I couldn't figure out how to organize everything. I still can't figure that out, so the best organization is no organization at all. This is "organization through inspiration". As I'm inspired to write about certain topics, I'll just write a page and post it here, then adjust the Table of Contents page to point to it.

This looks a like like how blogger works, so I just set this up on blogger. Eventually, I'll just mirror the whole thing on a real website.

I should be done filling in the content around July 2013. At that point, maybe I'll wrap it up in a book form and publish it.